My studio is located in the countryside of south-west France, where I grew up. This rooting brings me back to basics and offers me an inspiring work environment surrounded by nature. I sculpt, model and design my creations here, in various mediums and materials; which allows me to vary expressions according to my inspiration. I started working in art craftsmanship about ten years ago; first as a furniture maker, then as a sculptor, for renowned creators and artists in various countries, which brought me technical experience and a concern for quality, which today are very important to me.

All my creations come from a desire to initiate an exchange, an interaction between body, mind and material.This feeling emerges through a personal relationship with the material, led by how my own body reacts to physical contact with the material, and how it guides me to shape it, deform it, remodel it… Discovering stone and its faculties created in me a surge of creativity: it requires confrontation and understanding while offering almost endless possibilities. I like to understand the material through a dialogue from which emanates our respective abilities, testing it and testing myself in order to go further.

This catalog presents my marble pieces, each hand-made and respectful of the material and the environment. 

This conversation between body and material is expressed through curves in balance with the stone’s inherent temperament. Forms and sensations are revealed through a transfer from anatomy to stone: muscles, tendons, cartilage, bones and tissues all mingle with veins, grain and crystals. In this way, marble manifests  beauty, strength, flexibility but also weakness and sensibility, integrating and accepting its fractures and traumas.

Marble sculptor

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